Jimmy Andrés Gallego Méndez

ジミー・アンドレス・ガレゴ・メンデス from コロンビア






"Jimmy Andrés Gallego Méndez", a performer of the 4-string instrument "Bandora", originated in medieval Europe.

Born and raised in San Martin, on the Orinoco Plains of Colombia.

Since he was very little, he became familiar with the traditional Colombian music "Joropo" and various musical instruments, and has already acquired techniques and musicality that cannot be thought of as 18 years old.





He has been taught since his early teens as the last disciple of the late Carlos Rojas, a harp player and leader of the Colombian national band "Cimarron" that has also visited Japan.

Jimmy is currently traveling around the world with Cimarron as one of the representative members of Cimarron.

At this international online music festival, on behalf of the members of the next generation Cimarron, and as a performer, you will hear outstanding solo performances!

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