Duo Ruut

デュオ・ルート from エストニア






Duo Ruut is from Estonia. Estonia is a hot topic as a unique culture and IT powerhouse.

A duo consisting of Katariina Kivi and Ann-Lisett Rebane in their early twenties.

They play the traditional folk instrument "kannel".

Usually kannel is played as a solo instrument, but they have created a unique style of playing one instrument with two people and facing each other.





The task of playing and composing one instrument with two people can set a great many limits.

But Duo Root turns a negative into a positive, inflating infinite imagination and stuffing music full of new and exciting ideas into one instrument.

The new common sense they devised may replace common sense one day.


2016年、デュオ・ルートは活動を開始しました。作品としてのC Dアルバムは2019年12月に「Tuulesõnad」が満を辞してリリースされました。




In 2016, Duo Route started its activities. The CD album "Tuulesõnad" as a work was released in December 2019.

In the three years from the start of the activity to the release of the CD, they have won numerous music awards in Estonia.

It is a rare case in Japan, such as an artist who has won numerous music awards before releasing a CD or sound source.

In Estonia, it may that people can say good things are good, regardless of career, and it may be that the soil that fosters new creativity is being nurtured.

By the way, their debut album has been nominated for "Debut Album of the Year" at the "Estonian-Ethno Music Awards (" Etnokulbid ") 2020".

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